Reclaiming Your Personal Power in Spring!

Reclaiming Your Personal Power in Spring!

Spring has always been magical for me but as I become more tuned in to the Earth and the wheel of the year, I can feel deep in my bones the budding of new life that this new season brings.

At the Vernal Equinox, we are called to seek a balance between the two seemly opposing forces. Life happens at the time of the perfect balanced expression of the connection between two forces. Divine masculine and divine feminine coming together to create a life where there was nothing. Alchemy. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the season of new life and you can feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and see all around us!

Have you heard the birds singing their songs early in the morning lately? Have you noticed the colorful flowers popping up of out seemingly nowhere on the bush that you pass on your morning walk and never really noticed before? I can’t help but notice some new sign of the change in seasons every day over the last few weeks. These beautiful signals of a time of renewal bring fullness to my heart and a desire to go out and experience more of it!

All the sudden my desire to be at home rewatching the Game of Thrones series on HBO in preparation for the final season next month (wah wah wah), is replaced with a desire to go do random things like braving the out of control LA traffic on a Sunday to take an impromptu road trip to go see the breathtaking California poppies while there is a super bloom!

Pics taken at Walker Canyon Poppy Fields, Lake Elsinore, CA.

Reflection Questions:

Deep down, what do you truly want?

What are you afraid to say you want to feel or experience?

What old pattern that is blocking your evolution are you willing to let go of?

Spring is upon us my friends and with it an opportunity for rebirth! Never forget you are worthy. Take courageous action to fight for what you truly desire. Of course, you are afraid, we all are, but do it afraid. You are also braver than you know!

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You don’t have to do this alone. We are on this path together. Tap into the power of the collective when you need support but be prepared to walk your own path. We are here. You are here. We are one.

In love and light,

Marilyn Julia, LMFT

Holistic Healing Recipe: Lemon Ylang Ylang Body Scrub for Spring!

Holistic Healing Recipe: Lemon Ylang Ylang Body Scrub for Spring!

Until we are all free