Truth is...We Are All Mentally Ill

And we can all be well. 

I've been depressed. It sucks. 

I've been anxious. No fun either. 

I've had disordered eating and experienced the symptoms of complex trauma at various times in my life and yet, have still managed to help people manage their own struggles during those challenging times. I don't think this is uncommon for those in the healing profession as much as many of us may not like to admit it. We are all humans and as such, we cannot escape pain and suffering in this life. And this life is truly a journey full of ups, downs, and everything in between! 

Working in the mental health field for 14 years with most major diagnoses at some point during those years, I've come to believe mental health and mental illness truly are on a spectrum. Like anything on a spectrum an individuals symptom severity or wellness level varies and some folks have more pervasive issues often due to environmental factors but we are no different in our need to manage our own personal mental health in the most effective way for each of us. The more connected we remember we are, the more healing we can all truly experience. Shifting our collective view of mental health management to a similar lens to physical health would greatly reduce the stigma and allow people the space to heal. 

Approaching my birthday this year I can honestly say I am the most well I have ever been in my life but this wellness I'm is not for lack of effort. I used to think I was at this point it would be easy and I could just coast by and bask in wellness but realize now it is something I have to manage. I'm learning this is universal. I'd actually say I work harder at taking good care of myself than I ever have anything in my life and at times it's exhausting.

My yoga practice, one important component to my healing this past year has helped me move and heal trauma that I have carried in my body for decades and I feel so much lighter in spirit overall. There have been times in class where I simply wept on my mat due to the emotional release I felt and I'm so grateful for it!

My work has not only been on the mat but in all areas of my life. I work hard at protecting my boundaries, speaking my truth, giving space to my emotions, giving space to myself to create, working out my old buried trauma, and surrounding myself with a supportive/trusted high vibrational tribe who encourages me to be ME!

One of the most important things is I don't expect perfection and I am loving with myself when I struggle and don't want to do any of it and that helps. Everything is done with love. What if we all focused more on letting go of judgment of both self and others, improving own personal mental health at whatever point we are on our journey, and just loving ourselves and others more? Let's try and see if we can heal the world! Namaste. 

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The Best Free Meditation App to Jump Start Your Practice!

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